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Did you know that according to the EPA the air inside your home can be many times more dirty than the air outside? Not only are you breathing this dirty air, but so are your loved ones!

Your heating & cooling system recirculates air in your home or business as it runs. Your recirculated air is carried through “ductwork” located throughout your home/business. Over time, this ductwork can collect dust, dirt, pollen, dander, and many other allergens. If you have ever noticed the dust collection on the outside of your register vents, you can only imagine the greater collection of allergens stuck on your duct walls throughout your home/business. As your warm or cool air is sucked and blown throughout your home or business, some of these contaminates get released into the air you breathe. It is a continual process that repeats itself multiple times each day.

You don’t have to live with this nastiness! Air Duct Surgeons provides only the best air duct cleaning services in your area. Our member technicians only use APPROVED equipment that has features and technology not found in other duct cleaning equipment. In fact, the air duct cleaning systems our member technicians use have years of proven success to ensure the highest quality air duct cleaning services.

Don’t just trust any company out there to clean your air ducts. Many competitors use inferior equipment that doesn’t do as good of a job as our APPROVED equipment.

Here is how some competitors clean air ducts:

air duct cleaning comparison
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Air Compressor Method: This is the cheapest method out there. Almost a joke… Some companies only spend a few hundred dollars for an air compressor with a special tool at the end that redirects the blow of the air back to them. The technician will stick the hose down the duct and turn on the air compressor. They basically blow air back to them hoping to blow all the dirt & debris back to their vacuum hose. There are a few problems with this type of system: 1) Air compression is weak about an inch or two from the nozzle. This results in blowing only some of the contaminates back to the entrance of the duct.   2) Air will not “Scrub” the ductwork and all the stuck on dust, dirt, pollen, etc. will remain stuck on the duct wall.

Negative Air Method: This type of method basically cuts a hole in your trunk line and hooks up a big, powerful vacuum. The company will use an air compressor to blow air while the big, powerful vacuum sucks. Negative air is not suited for residential & light commercial ductwork because it will only remove the “loose” debris from the duct. Anything stuck on the duct wall will remain. Some companies will add “Air Whips” to the air compressor to randomly knock off a little bit of dirt from the duct wall. However, the “Random” whip works inefficiently and most of the stuck on dust, dirt, pollen, etc. remains stuck on the duct wall.

Other Rotary Brush Systems: Some companies out there have the right idea with rotary brush cleaning, however, have the wrong equipment to do the job right. Most companies out there that use brushes to clean the ductwork have systems that attach the brush directly onto the vacuum hose. The cleaning technician will feed the vacuum hose/brush combination into the ductwork. The problem with this type of setup is that a fat vacuum hose with a brush on the end cannot maneuver throughout the ductwork to remove the contaminants. A home or business has twists and turns throughout the ductwork. Because of the brush attachment on the vacuum hose, this type of system cannot make the tight turns necessary to completely travel to the end of the duct. So, basically, the technician is cleaning just “some” of the duct!

air duct cleaning

Our System: Our member technicians use specially designed equipment with features & technology that improve the duct cleaning process. Our system contains uniquely designed “angle pitched” brushes that strategically reverse sweep the contaminants back towards the cleaning technician. These brushes also self-adjust to the size of the ductwork (even rectangular ductwork) to help ensure the whole duct width is being cleaned. These brushes connect to a flexible cable that can “snake” its way through the twist and turns of ductwork. Our separate vacuum hose follows behind. Thus, even where the vacuum hose stops, the brush/cable can continue to snake its way to the end of the ductwork. The reverse sweeping action carries the contaminates back to the vacuum hose for extraction. The whole process is strategic & efficient. Plus, because of our system’s maneuverability, we don’t have to cut holes into your ductwork! We enter through each and every vent location to clean all of the ductwork.

As you can see, cleaning ductwork is not the same for everyone! Most companies use the wrong type of air duct cleaning system which results in inferior service. You can trust our member cleaning technicians to do the job right.

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